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    2018-10-24 12:00:00 AM







         On the 24th, in Fujian Dayu Heavy CNC Machine Tool Co., Ltd., the project executives of Alumill Tech Gulf LLC, Dubai. accepted the CNC roll grinder products they ordered in the workshop. The model MK84125X500 is about to be shipped to Dubai.

    Chen Qingyou, President of Fujian 6.18 Cooperative Innovation Institute Machinery and Equipment (Fuzhou) Branch, went to the scene to discuss with project executors of Alumill Tech Gulf LLC, Dubai

    Since its inception, Dayu Heavy Industries has insisted on scientific and technological innovation to win high-quality development, and its products and services have gained a good reputation in the global user market. "In terms of product quality, after-sales service and quality assurance, we all have a high degree of recognition for Dayu Heavy Industries products." BHOSALE/UMESHLAXMAN, general manager of Dubai Anumyr Aluminum Co., Ltd., said that Dayu Heavy Industries'product quality has reached the international level, the grinding effect has reached the grinding level of German grinders, met their needs, and provided a complete set of solutions in terms of service and quality assurance. They compared the products of Italian po_mini, German wardrich and Dayu Heavy Industries, and finally chose Dayu Heavy Industries under one standard.

    Roll grinder is an important equipment in various plate rolling production lines. In foreign markets, some traditional raw material exporting countries have gradually upgraded their industrial structure. In the past two years, many hot and cold rolling production lines have been put into operation. The demand for deep processing of steel and non-ferrous metals is increasing, and the demand for roller grinders is increasing year by year.

    In recent years, with the initiative of the "one belt and one way" initiative, Dayu heavy industry has actively expanded the international market and achieved the strategic layout of globalization. "Dayu Heavy Industries is carrying out three orders in 2018, and is negotiating more than 20 orders, more than half of which are foreign orders." In this regard, Dayu Heavy General Manager Chen Wei is full of confidence.